Sunday, 1 January 2012

News Years Birding - Jack Snipe

Went to Dinton Pastures today with the hope of getting my year list off to a good start and it turned out to be a good trip for my life list too! Saw around 60 species which isn't bad considering, but I also saw my first (very well camouflaged) Jack Snipe. For a Jack Snipe the bird showed well but far too distant for any photographs really, but a stunning bird to watch, especially its peculiar bobbing behaviour. We also saw 2 Water Rail from the same hide (Bittern Hide) which showed very well in the small "scrape" area visible from the right hand side of the hide. Certainly a great way to start the year, I just hope the rest of the year is as productive!!

Jack Snipe
I will add better photographs of the Jack Snipe in the next few days (the best photographs were taken on a new memory card which I am not able to connect to the computer yet) and some of the water rail :)

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